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The businesses who usually fund the production of the CSA journal are struggling this year and can’t afford to pay for advertisements in the journal. Help to spread knowledge about our world by donating to help produce the CSA Journal this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives immensely in this past year, and this impact has not ignored small business owners. CSA produces our journal to spread information about the wonders of our world with the support of many businesses from our local area. Unfortunately due to the pandemic this year, many of the businesses are not able to contribute like they usually do.

Because of this, we currently do not have the funds set aside that we need to spread the knowledge we are known for. Common Sense for Animals needs your help to bring the journal to life this year. Please make a donation to help us to continue our mission to educate our community on how to interact with the natural world with respect.

Your Donation to CSA is appreciated. Thank you for your Support!

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Common Sense for Animals uses Network for Good and PayPal secure electronic funds program. If you do not have a PayPal account, simply follow the procedure in Paypal to pay with credit card.

Alternatively, you may make a donation to  Common Sense for Animals by US Mail at:

Common Sense for Animals 
PO Box 589
Broadway NJ 08808

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