My Story

Doctor Robert Blease









A 9-year old boy decides he wants to work with horses and what better way than being a Veterinarian. He announces this to his friends and family. At first, no one really took him seriously, but this boy never changed his objective.


This 12-year old boy was riding a dilapidated bicycle with no fenders that he had found tossed in a stream. His Depression-Era parents only purchased necessities, not toys. The ride took him less than a mile from his home on a country road when he passed a box just off the shoulder. He, like most inquisitive boys, made a U-turn and opened the box. His question was, “How could anyone place a handful of what were obviously live kittens along a country road to die of starvation, a horrible death?” There were some scratch marks inside the box, but the kittens didn’t stand a chance. “Who would do this?”


Graduated from University of Arizona


Graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine


Started practicing Veterinary Medicine~ Dairy Cows/ Food Animals, Horses and Small Animals. Learned the value of dairy farmers and how hard they worked along with their love of cows and wondered why the Animal Rights movement attacked farmers, wanted us to stop all medical research and become vegetarians.



The questions kept coming and Common Sense for Animals seemed to be the answer:

Why are animals not treated with respect? Why aren’t animals recognized for their value for food, fiber and research? Why do schoolchildren think hamburgers come in Styrofoam and why do they dislike farmers? Why do we abuse the environment, our future and civilization? In response Common Sense for Animals was formed as an educational and service organization that can help answer these questions and continues today.



The now 77-year old boy has seen many repetitions of his first shocking experience. He recognizes that cruelty does exist, ignorance is universal, and now his quest continues to teach and serve. “All animals are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of how they fit into our lives.” We know no one can do everything, but we can all do something.


Please help me advance the complete story of Animal Welfare and the Environment.

Welcome to Common Sense for Animals.