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Special need cats make amazing pets.
Meet Garfield.
Garfield was surrendered to Common Sense for Animals by his owner when he was informed that Garfield has diabetes. Unfortunately, the owner had discovered he wasn’t financially¬†able to support Garfield’s medical and nutrition needs. Garfield is required to eat DM food and take NPH insulin for his illness. On average Garfield’s food and insulin can cost approximately $175.00 per month.

Garfield currently resides at Animal Health Center where he has grown to be a favorite of the staff who is currently caring for him on a daily basis. Recently Garfield

suffered from a seizure but has quickly recovered and bounced back to his absolute loving and caring self that he is. He is a big boy who absolutely loves to be the center of attention.

Although at the current time due to his diabetes not being regulated, Garfield is not up for adoption “yet”. Stay tuned for him to be available for adoption.¬†

In the meantime, donations are greatly appreciated to help ease the cost of this wonderful boy. Long term care for a diabetic cat is costly for a shelter. When donating please mention Garfield. Let’s help this big boy get his health up to adoption perfect!