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This is Kashmir who also goes by the name Kash. He’s 4 y/o, DLH, neutered, front declawed, and he has a story to tell. He was found living in a dumpster in Florida and

taken in by a lovely young adult. He lived a happy indoor life with her for 2 years until his owner suddenly passed away.

A few days later he was driven to NJ to live with his owner’s parents. He was brought to a strange home that already had 5 other cats. He tried really hard to fit in with the other cats but found it to be very hard.

His new family tried absolutely everything they could to acclimate him to his new home. They tried natural medicine, prescription medicine and

even declawing him… but he still had a hard time living with so many other cats. It broke the family’s heart to see him not be able to live with the other cats. After long talks and every failed attempt, they knew the best thing to do was to try to rehome

him in a home where he can be the only cat. He needs to feel he is the king of the home and he is wanting all of the family’s love and attention where he doesn’t have to share it with any other cats.

Kash found a loving home where he does not have to share any love and attention with any
other cats.