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It is illegal to abandon a dog and is punishable with a big fine. 

Misty was found tied to our post. She was fearful, but when handled, it became obvious that Misty was an extremely friendly dog. She came with a note of explanation of what her owner thought was best, like a mother who put up a child for adoption for a better home.

Misty’s owner couldn’t care for her as she and her two children are homeless and they made the heart wrenching decision to trust her future to us. Misty’s owner signed her and her daughters’ names. 

If possible, we would like to find her and her children. The owner wrote “she [Misty] has protected my 7 year old and 3 year old as long as I have had her. Giving her up was the hardest thing I ever had to do…I am homeless and I would never let her suffer.”

We would like to help this suffering family and we would like to talk to them to see if there is any way to re-unite the mother and children with their beloved Misty. As much as the owner and daughters miss their dog, Misty misses them. She looks expectantly for the “girls.” If you recognize this dog and know the owner, please have her contact me directly. We only want to help. 

Dr. Robert R Blease 908-859-3060 or email [email protected].