A Message From the President of CSA

By Dr. Robert R. Blease, CVM


























CSA was founded on November 1, 1990, 30 years ago. We are all proud of our accomplishments and we are looking forward to our next 30 years of promoting true Animal Welfare. As you know CSA’s home is in a modified dairy barn, the same barn and property in which I took care of cows in 1967, when I started my veterinary practice. 

Much has changed in Warren County; there are only a few dairy farms left and a dramatic increase in population and loss of habitat. I purchased 12 acres of this dairy farm in 1980 and moved to the Stone House. Then I moved my Veterinary Practice to was once the stable for the original owners’ horses 

and carriages. My point is that Common Sense for Animals has taken up residence in the dairy barn and transferred it into a functional and beautiful shelter which is housing 25 dogs and 100 cats. Unfortunately, the shelter cannot be separated from the rest of the property and given its own deed. We tried. 


The long term solution is to build a new shelter on my 4 acre commercial lot which is located immediately adjacent to the lot that currently houses CSA. This is our dream, for CSA to own its own property and manage a new facility by our Board of Trustees. As good luck would have it, part of my 

property (3 acres) has its own deed and this year I purchase the lot (.75 acres) between them, making an almost 4 acre commercial lot upon which we can build this new shelter with its own deed. 

I will donate the property to CSA; the engineers and architects have already been retained and are making this a reality. 

Currently we have 25% of the funds needed to complete the building due to some generous benefactors and from inheritances. Common Sense for Animals belongs to the community and is operated by its own Board of Trustees. CSA gets no Local, State, or Federal Funds. As a non-profit it is entirely dependent upon donations, gifts, and inheritances. For the last few years we have helped and adopted out over 1300 dogs and cats every year. We can easily double that number in our planned facility. To do this we need animal lovers, local businesses, and people who recognize all the value of CSA to join us in our effort to make CSA self-sufficient, with its own deed, building and destiny. Please help with our capital campaign. 

Dr. Robert R. Blease, DVM