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Mistletoe came to us during CSA’s annual Christmas Eve party  a couple years ago.  She was severely dehydrated and emaciated.  Unfortunately she used the last of her resources to barely walk down the highway when she was spotted and brought to us.  Several us stopped partying and attended to this poor dog.  Despite our best efforts, Mistletoe died Christmas day.

We were glad we had the resources to try to help this abused girl.  We all wanted to know why and who allowed this to happen.  

A concerned citizen put up a $1,000 for information leading to her past.  After a year the money was released to our medical fund, as no information was forth coming.

Unfortunately, Mistletoe is not the only poor soul we attend to, but her pain and suffering is a constant reminder as to why CSA is such a vital asset to the hopeless and unwanted.  If you would like to help us and our medical fund please donate here. 

From my Heart

Dr Robert R Blease