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            Poor Old Guy (P.O.G.) was brought to CSA by Animal Control Solutions (Hunterdon County) in April of 2019.

            P.O.G was dehydrated, emaciated and obviously been on his own for a long, long time. His coat was severely matted and only existed as tuft. He was circling and put on close watch for neurological diseases, including rabies.

            P.O.G was in such bad shape that at most places he would have been euthanized. CSA is a no-kill shelter and by law he was still entitled to his ten day quarantine giving time for his owner to come forward. P.O.G. was so pathetic, everyone wanted him to have some happiness.

            P.O.G. was cleaned up and treated for external parasites and had blood work, vaccinations and food. He ate well and had no immediate medical problems. Further investigation found he was totally blind and reluctant to walk. For weeks he just ate and put his head into the corner and ignored everyone. Slowly, he came “out of his shell,” would bask in the sun on the window.

I am sorry to say report that Poor Old Guy died just before Thanksgiving.  His most recent tests showed that he had no medical problems except for continuing to lose weight.  We all knew that P.O.G would never find a home other than CSA, we are all glad he got to spend his last days with us.  One of my cherished memories now is how are staff took care of an old, derelict, emaciated and abused cat that was out of touch with reality his first 3 month and we made sure his last 4 months were valued.  POG loved fried chicken.

            To date, P.O.G has accumulated no funding. If you would care to donate to our medical fund in his name, of P.O.G, please go here.